Kid's Gymnastics

PLEASE NOTE: Open enrollment has begun. Contact Meagan to enroll now. Open enrollment will be from July 25th until August 20th. The Fall session is August 22nd through November 5th.

PARENT/CHILD: Ages 10 mo. to 3 — This program is designed for the parental involvement and support. Developing motor skills including aerobics, basic gymnastics, flexibility, singing songs, teamwork activities and fun games!!!

PRESCHOOL & KINDERGARTEN: Ages 3 to 5 — This program is designed to help increase your child's abilities physically as well as mentally. You child will become more flexible and coordinated. You child will learn apparatus and tumbling skills which will improve his/her listening and behavior habits.

GRADE SCHOOL: Ages 6 to 13 — All students will be trained in non-competitive intermediate/advanced exercises, tumbling and apparatus skills. Students will experience improvement in their health, strength and flexibility. Students will be taught at the rate of their own abilities, and in this respect, a high standard of Gymnastics skill is acheived. As the students progress, they will be taught more advanced skills.